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Appeals court halts, for now, abortion for immigrant teen in Texas

Linklater doc headed to PBS; Austin ranked No. 3 city for filmmakers

“American Masters,” the PBS documentary series about the lives of creatives in various fields, has nabbed the broadcast rights to Louis Black and Karen Bernstein’s “Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny,” which just screened at the Sundance Film Festival, Variety reported.

Theatrical and video-on-demand rights are still available.

Also of note in the story: WNET is launching a theatrical label American Masters Pictures, which will try to get into theaters documentaries that are co-produced by, you guessed it, “American Masters.”

Check out “Dream is Destiny” executive producer Alan Berg discussing the film over at

What is Mondo selling this week?

So there was this thing when I was kid (well, technically when my younger brother was a kid) called Madballs. (Not to be confused with the band Madball, who were not as exciting.)

The were part bouncy ball, part horror-themed toy, part Garbage Pail Kid — gross, goofy, ideal for your average, I don’t know, 8- to 11-year-old.

Enter the nostalgia junkies at the Drafthouse’s poster/shirt/soundtracks arm, Mondo. They are introducing the MondoBall. The first three designs are Skull Face, Horn Head and Slobulus. Starting next month, you’ll be able to pre-order them at Look for licensed MondoBalls in the future.

Director Jeff Nichols and producer Sarah Green at the Ransom Center

Writer/director Jeff Nichols and producer Sarah Green, the creative team behind indie hits “Mud,” “Take Shelter” and the upcoming “Midnight Special,” will participate in a conversation on the state of independent film, building a team, developing concepts and translating the script to the screen through multiple departments on and off the film set.

The chat will take place at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Harry Ransom Center. General admission tickets are $10; students and AFF member tickets are $5. More info at

We’re number three! We’re number three! (according to has published a list of the best places to live and work as a filmmaker, and Austin has ranked third, behind Atlanta and New York.

“We scour the nation, poll film commissions, trawl through data, and interview moviemakers in hundreds of localities,” says, which says it assembles “the rankings based on the following factors: film production in 2015 (shooting days, number of productions, dollars generated), film community and culture (film schools, festivals, independent theaters, film organizations), access to equipment and facilities, tax incentives, cost of living, and a general category that encapsulates lifestyle, weather and transportation.”

The opening line: “If you’ve never been to South by Southwest, do yourself a favor and buy a pass now. A week at this fest may be all it takes to convince you to move to cooler-than-cool Austin.”

OK, for starters, everyone, please do not actually do this.

However, goes on to cite Austin Studios, ATX Studios, Spiderwood Studios, Rooster Teeth, Troublemaker Studios and the Austin Film Society as reasons why this is a dope place to work. And we cannot disagree. The full list:

1. Atlanta

2. New York

3. Austin

4. Los Angeles

5. Albuquerque, N.M.

6. Chicago

7. Seattle

8. Boston

9. San Francisco

10. Memphis, Tenn.

The San Francisco position jumped out at me. That is pretty rough, coming in behind Boston and all. But then again, San Francisco’s cost of living is world-famously brutal, thanks to their tech boom. Hey, you know who also has had a tech boom? Austin. Let’s not become San Francisco, people.

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