What people are saying about Alex Jones

If you ask Infowars host Alex Jones’ attorneys about him, they will say he’s a performance artist. If you ask his ex-wife, Kelly, she will say he is not a stable person. These opposing characterizations of the Austin broadcaster who has President Donald Trump’s ear will come into play at the Jones’ child custody trial over the next two weeks. Jury selection begins Monday.

As the American-Statesman’s Jonathan Tilove reported in an exclusive story on Sunday, the Travis County jury will be “asked to sort out whether there is a difference between the public and private Alex Jones, and whether, when it comes to his fitness as a parent, it matters.” At the helm of his media juggernaut, which disseminates conspiracy theories, Jones has the ear of the commander-in-chief. Many of Trump’s prominent talking points originated with or were popularized by Infowars.

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The Statesman’s story went viral, tweeted by national political journalists and posted on Trump-aligned subreddits. A sample of the conversation:

Meanwhile, on the Statesman’s social posts, conversation was fast and furious. A few comments from Facebook and Twitter:

  • Michael Olivares: “He finally admitted it. It's all just an act. When are people on the right going to stop being fooled? First Donald Trump cons his way into the White House and conservatives believe all of his obvious lies. Now Alex Jones is outed as a fraud and conservatives are once again shown to be fools for believing him. How many times are you going to let these con men take you for a ride?”
  • Debbie Leatherman Hudnall: “It's not the media's place to try Alex Jones just because of his political stands.”
  • Matthew Kressin: “It's not about his political views. It's the character of the man.”
  • Cindy Duplantis Roberts: “Is there no end to your craziness and mean-hearted mess? How do you live with all the hate and fictitiousness that spews out of your vile mouth?”
  • William Nick Stoffel: “These people and Fox News cause ‘believers’ to harm others with their ‘theories’ and innuendo, then say it is all an act when it suits them.”

In October, Tilove profiled Jones as the presidential election drew to a close. Read the full story from 2016.

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